car shipping quote

First rule is to never accept your vehicle at night without an adequate light source. Even if the driver says he was running late and it was the only time he could make it refuse to sign off on the delivery at night as it makes it much harder for you to diagnose whether or not there is any additional damage to the vehicle. Car shipping to remote locations can make it tough for a driver to make it during the day but as the customer it is your right to accept it in the daytime when you can properly inspect it. Make sure to reference the original inspection sheet and compare any damage to see whether or not it is worse or the same. Always check the mileage and be sure to check the roof, the under carriage and both bumpers as these can frequently get dinged up in the moving process. Take your time inspecting it, once you sign off on it you lose all right to claim damage so be sure and inspect the vehicle very thoroughly. If damage should occur mark it down on the inspection sheet, obtain your drivers signature and contact the moving company as soon as possible. They should then be able to reimburse you for verifiable damage.

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