Working to shape the future growth of a sustainable, safe, and secure shipping industry.

We are the united voice of liner shipping, working closely with policymakers and industry groups across the globe.

Managing Covid congestion in global supply chains.

Global supply chains are a complex network connecting manufacturers, exporters, importers, rail, truck and ocean transport providers. Finely balanced, it can take a lot.

But when Covid-19 closed down ports, put drivers in quarantine and disrupted ocean transport, the problems started. The US demand spike has maxed out inland capacity, containers are tied up in storage, and vessels stuck outside ports. But together we still move more volumes than ever, doing everything to keep supply chains moving.


About liner shipping.

We represent container and roll-on-roll-off (roro) carriers all over the globe. These are the liner carriers that deliver our food, medicines, computers, cars, heavy machinery - everything you need. Our members operate 90 percent of the global liner shipping capacity. Together, they transport about 60 percent of the value of global seaborne trade, and more than US$ 4 trillion worth of goods every year.

Here you can learn all about the vessels, the container, the regulation of shipping, and how the industry operates.


Our work.

We work to shape the future growth of a socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, safe and secure shipping industry. Our main focus areas are sustainable shipping, safety, security, healthy competition, trade facilitation and customs. These days, Covid-19 and its devastating impact on crew changes and with that seafarer health, is an important area - #SeafarersAreKeyWorkers


Who we are.

We are a dedicated team with decades of experience in maritime affairs, environmental affairs, safety and security management, governance, and regulatory matters. We work very closely with our member companies through our specialized Councils, and several member Chairs and CEOs are represented on our Board.


Here you will find our latest news, as well as all regulatory filings or public comments on current policy matters.